Comprehensive aid for cleft children

Comprehensive aid for cleft children

The German Cleft Children’s Aid Society was founded in the autumn of 2002 and promotes the comprehensive treatment of children with cleft lip and palate on a worldwide scale. The most important task is to enable the operations of cleft affected children from poor families.

In proprietary projects the non-profit organization also promotes the concept of comprehensive, interdisciplinary treatment of cleft children, that is to say the involvement and cooperation of surgeons, pediatricians, dentists, orthodontists and speech therapists. Today the organization has projects in India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Peru, Bolivia, Rwanda Uganda and Burundi.

The number of children we were able to help has grown over the last years: We financed 3.492 operations in 2011, 3.654 operations in 2012 and 4.012 respectively 4.010 operations in 2013 and 2014. Financial help is also provided for educational work and the promotion of ENT, orthodontics and speech therapy measures. We cooperate with the local supporting organisations which in some cases we helped to establish. Our explicit objective is to help others help themselves, which means the founding and developing of local centres and supporting structures that can be run by local personnel.

Our high-quality and sustainable local aid includes:

  • Primary surgery (closure of the cleft lips, the hard and soft palates)
  • Secondary surgery and corrections
  • Non-surgical efforts such as orthodontics, ENT-treatment, speech therapy and myofunctional therapy
  • Educational and information work on location
  • Training and advanced education of local physicians, therapists and social workers
  • Support in the development of local organisations and supporting structures
  • Networking our project partners beyond the boundaries of countries and beliefs