Helping through a donation

Lippen-KieferspalteSimple help. It is fantastic how easily you can help a cleft child even with modest financial means. The on-site operation of a cleft child only costs about 250 euros, for example in Peru or Ruanda. Together we can change a life with just four donations of 50 euros each.

With 50 euros you enable the anaesthesia including the anaesthetic or the operation or the inpatient stay.

With 30 euros you cover the costs of the initial examination and laboratory work.

With 20 euros you are contributing to the education of the parents and the transport to the surgical appointment.

Thank you for helping!

Alexander Gross

Donation account:

Name of bank:
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

Account number:
84 84 200

Bank identification code (BLZ):
251 205 10

IBAN: DE46251205100008484200