Mother with cleft baby after surgery

Expansion of our help in the highlands of Bolivia (La Paz)

In only five years we were able to help over 600 cleft children. In order to reach families in the remote areas of Bolivia the team of our partnerorganisation "Cleft Bolivia Amar y Sanar" (with Dr. Mario Villalba) uses placards to inform the population about when and where free surgery for the children of impoverished families will be undertaken. With our support the very experienced Bolivian surgeon Dr. Mario Villalba is able to perform surgery on cleft children all the year round in the hospital of Tarija, and to additionally carry out surgical missions in provincial hospitals such as the treatment of children from the jungle villages in the region of Trinidad or in Cochabamba in the High Andes.

Two years ago, our Peruvian surgeon Dr. Alberto Bardales also began to operate on cleft patients in Bolivia. With his team from Peru he completed surgical missions in La Paz and trained the talented bolivian surgeon Dr. Adolfo Mamani. In September 2015 we started a new, permanent project with Dr. Mamani in La Paz.

Join us in our help

In Bolivia the treatment of children with cleft lips and palates is especially difficult on account of the terrain. Many villages lie in the remote mountainous areas in altitudes of up to 4,000 metres. Because of the almost impassable terrain and the great distances the people are often cut off from the nearest medical station or doctor or even any basic medical care at all. Due to the climate of the high-altitude regions and often also an unbalanced diet the numbers of facial deformations are significantly higher. The specific purpose of our projects is to bring the aid to the places where it is needed most: to cleft children in remote villages who otherwise would never have the chance of receiving a surgical treatment without us. Join us in our help and enable the necessary surgery for the cleft children in Bolivia.