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Corporate partners

For our corporate partners, “social commitment” is more than just an obligation. They are all active supporters in our efforts to give cleft children a better life worldwide.

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Plastimat GmbH
Plastimat has been supporting our help for cleft children since 2012 and has already made possible more than 1,220 operations for cleft children from needy families in our project countries. Plastimat GmbH manufactures products that set new safety standards on the streets of Europe. As a plastics processor and manufacturer of cable sets / units with electrical / electronic components, Plastimat manufactures products in four sectors: automotive, road safety, sign systems, LED lighting.
MESTO Spritzenfabrik Ernst Stockburger GmbH
In 2019, MESTO from Freiberg in Swabia celebrated its 100th company anniversary. MESTO has been helping us help cleft children since 2009 and has changed over 400 children’s lives for the better since. The MESTO Spritzenfabrik Ernst Stockburger GmbH produces a large variety of sprayers, high pressure sprayers, hand sprayers, backpack sprayers, suction devices and pressurized water tanks. The family company with its own production in Germany under the direction of Bernd Stockburger employs around 100 people.
Change Sportswear GmbH & Co. KG
We have been working together with the fashion company Change Sportswear GmbH & Co. KG since 2009. Change Sportswear has funded over 820 operations since then. The fashion label Cambi is behind Change Sportswear. Their main specialty are exclusive women’s trousers and jeans, which are known for their superior quality and the use of high-quality materials. CAMBIO pants are sold in well over 2,000 fashion stores and exclusive departments of large stores.
Sunshine Smile GmbH
Sunshine Smile has been supporting Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe since May 2018 under the motto “Share the smile”. Thanks to the cooperation, we can pay for almost 50 cleft children to have an operation every year. The Berlin company, founded in 2017, sells transparent aligners under the PlusDental brand, which can be used to correct misaligned teeth after just a few months. Democratizing aesthetic dentistry and enabling everyone to have their most beautiful smile – that is the philosophy of PlusDental.
BFS health finance
Since 2019, BFS health finance has been supporting the expansion of our Africa project to help cleft children from our East African project countries. For three decades, BFS health finance, Germany’s leading financial services provider for healthcare professionals, has been helping doctors focus entirely on their patients. From invoicing to booking and default protection, the experts from Dortmund control the entire payment flow of their clients and also advise them in practice management. Dentists, doctors, veterinarians, dental laboratories as well as chief physicians and clinics benefit from the know-how.
botiss biomaterials GmbH
The company, based in Zossen, Brandenburg, has been supporting our help for cleft children in East Africa since 2014 and in 2019 alone helped 40 children start a new life. botiss biomaterials GmbH is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of dental bone and soft tissue regeneration with products for implantology, oral surgery, oral, maxillofacial and facial surgery and periodontology. botiss stands for innovation, advanced training and close cooperation with clinicians and international research institutions.
Amann Girrbach AG
Amann Girrbach, leading innovator and full-service provider in digital dental prosthetics, believes in the great importance of corporate social and economic responsibility – and lives this philosophy to an exceptional degree. The company, headquartered in Koblach, Austria, has been supporting our work since the beginning of 2019. And it always comes up with something new: Whether an employee event, dealer campaign or trade fair offensive – a fruitful partnership for both sides.
Singhoff GmbH
In 2019, this owner-managed company from Raunheim in Hesse celebrated its 70th anniversary. “The professional partner for windows, front doors, roller shutters, awnings, interior doors, sun protection and more” took the anniversary year as an occasion to support our work for cleft children in East Africa. Behind this is personal commitment: Thomas Singhoff personally visited our project in Tanzania at the end of last year.