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So that children can continue laughing

A foundation in memory of Heinz Lübbe's lifetime achievements.

Helping cleft children. In a way that is lasting and sustainable.

Heinz Lübbe always strived to help children with cleft lip and palate in a way that is lasting and sustainable. Since only long-term medical and therapeutic treatment can offer a cleft child the chance of complete healing and integration. Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe, of which Heinz Lübbe was a member of the executive board until his passing on September 24, 2015, supports - besides the necessary operations - further treatment such as orthodontics or speech therapeutic measures. But in some cases that is not enough, be it because the child is affected by a severe form of deformation, or because the family lives a far away from medical and therapeutic facilities. Until now we had to abandon these "forgotten patients" from poor regions to their fate. With the funds raised by the newly established German Cleft Children's Aid Foundation we can finally change this!

Becoming a founder is easy. With a legacy endowment fund.

A treatment plan for cleft children which can, for example, cover the period from birth to their 18th birthday means making long-term effective help possible. And a well-funded foundation is the ideal sponsor for enabling this. With your legacy endowment you help to raise the capital stock from whose interest yield we then can provide lasting support. The smallest legacy endowment donation that we can accept is 1,000 euro. Besides cash you can also donate stocks, property, real estate or material assets such as collections. We are a charitable foundation, which under German law enables us to profit from the highest rate of tax savings, with a deduction of up to 20% of the total sum raised through the income. 

A lasting investment. With guarantee of capital preservation.

Just like the societies' capital we will invest the legacy endowment fund in a secure investment scheme that is preserved in perpetuity through the Haus des Stiftens in Munich. The fund's assets cannot be touched by anyone - only the annual interest yields can be used for help in accordance with our statute.

Experience and professionalism

In order to effectively use the annual interest the foundation can fall back on Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe network - currently spanning more than ten countries (such as India, Bangladesh or Peru) - and focus on sponsoring individual cases or special measures where they become necessary. Every year the society enables some 4,000 operations, some of which are very complicated cases that urgently need support that the foundation can provide.

You and your good name. Part of the legacy endowment community.

We would like to invite you to become a part of the legacy endowment community and will be happy to publicly honour your commitment. The names of all of the legacy endowment donors will be published - subject to your consent and without the actual sums mentioned - alongside that of Dr Dr med Heinz Lübbe in our publications. 

Dr. Dr. med. Heinz Lübbe *  March 11, 1941    † September 24, 2015

Dr Dr med Heinz Lübbe was not only an excellent physician in his work as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, but also a visionary and energetic manager. The establishment of this foundation was the last major initiative which he carried through, despite his severe illness. In this spirit we, together with you, would like to help the German Cleft Children's Aid Foundation to flourish and be successful in its endeavours. Join us!

We would like to sincerely thank the following legacy endowment donors:

Freie Zahnärzte Fellbach e.V.
Herr Jörg Beutel, BBV
Frau Sylvia Lübbe
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster
Dr. med. Günther Bittner
Dr. Matthias und Frau Gabriele Rost
Herr Michael Müller, Müller-Lila-Logistik AG
Herr Manfred Steck

Our sincerest thanks also goes out to all legacy endowment donors who wish to remain anonymous!

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Would you like to become a legacy endowment donor?

Your contact:

Alexander Gross
Managing Director German Cleft Children's Aid Society
Telephone: +49 (0)761 137 96 18
Email: alexander.gross(at)spaltkinder.org

Cash donations in excess of €1,000 can be made at any time
using the following account:

Stiftung Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE75 7002 0500 6821 9401 94

Please use the keyword "Zustiftung" when making the donation. Thank you very much!