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Institutional partners

The Lore-Keller-Foundation has been supporting our work for cleft children in Africa and Asia since 2007. Its help enables the operations and treatment of cleft children in several countries, and it is involved in the training of local doctors and therapists and supports the international networking of our project partners.

Auswärtige Amt
The German Federal Foreign Office has been supporting the training of Afghan surgeons and the procurement of medical instruments and materials since 2010. In 2012 it also started financing operations in Afghanistan and the Afghan-Pakistan border region.

Sternstunden, the charity campaign run by the German television station Bayerischer Rundfunk, has been sponsoring our work for children with cleft lip and palate in Peru since 2008. Besides financing operations, Sternstunden also supports the aftercare, for example speech-functional therapy treatments.

Geschwister Kauffmann-Stiftung
The Geschwister Kauffmann Foundation has been supporting the operations and treatment for cleft children in our Indian cleft centres since 2007. Their help made it possible that countless children from impoverished families were able to receive the necessary primary or follow-on operations.

Dr. Martin Andreas Stiftung
The Dr Martin Andreas Foundation - Doctors for Children in Need has been supporting our work for cleft children since the autumn of 2013. This enabled us to help hundreds of children from India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Peru and the Philippines. Through his foundation Dr Martin Andreas wants to achieve the goal of enabling at least 1,000 operations for children with cleft lip and palate.

Already back in 2002 the Charlotte-Steppuhn Foundation began making operations for cleft children a reality. Since 2009 the foundation has been sponsoring operations for children with cleft lip and palate in Peru and it assisted in enabling the training of two Peruvian (speech-) functional therapists in Germany and Switzerland.

Stiftung Hilfswerk Deutscher Zahnärzte für Lepra- und Notgebiete
Since 2010 the Stiftung Hilfswerk Deutscher Zahnärzte (Relief Organisation of German Dentists for Leprosy in Crisis Areas, HDZ) has been supporting operations for children from impoverished families in Bolivia. They are substantially contributing to the foundation and development of our project in this poor South American country.

Margarete Müller-Bull Stiftung
The Margarete Müller-Bull Foundation from Stuttgart, Germany, has been supporting a large number of operations for children with cleft lip and palate in the project countries of India and Bangladesh since 2014.

Hans und Elfriede Westphal - Stiftung
Already since back in 2007 the Hans and Elfriede Westphal Foundation has been supporting the help for cleft children and sponsored operations in Peru, the Philippines, Cameroon, India, Bolivia and Bangladesh. The foundation also enables the procurement of modern anaesthesia equipment and essential surgical instruments.

Lucas Volk - Stiftung
The Lucas Volk Foundation became involved in December 2011 and has since then enabled operations for cleft children in India and Peru on an annual basis. The executive board especially values the concrete and effective help for the affected children and their families.

Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit
Since the beginning of 2017 the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development promotes the development of extensive treatment structures in Lima and outside of Lima.

In 2018 a supporting partnership accord was struck with the young and dynamic Hamburg-based Nader-Etmenan-Stiftung. They finance operations for affected children in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Indonesia. Effective help which perfectly conforms with the foundation's motto of "Tackle the problem instead of looking away".

LaKi Kids International e.V. was founded in 2013 by Dieter and Dr Ulrike Lamlé together with their four grown-up children Philip, Alicia, Thomas and Patricia. Ever since then the association has been sponsoring operations for our projects. Ulrike Lamlé herself is an ENT-specialist and the Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe's head of projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Peru and Bolivia.