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Project partners in Bolivia

Cleft Bolivia Amar y Sanar and Jiwaqui Bolivia

We have been helping in Bolivia already since back in 2009. Our reliable local partner is the Tarija-based "Cleft Bolivia Amar y Sanar" organisation which was founded by the Bolivian surgeon Dr Mario Villalba. This association aims to help families of children from all parts of the country who suffer under the deformations of a cleft lip and palate. Special emphasis is given to providing the free medical initial care of affected children through the necessary operation. Dr Villalba operates on up to 100 children every year. He also operates in remote regions of the country, for instance in the lowland Bolivian rainforest.

A second project was initiated by the Peruvian surgeon Dr Alberto Bardales. He has been running operating campaigns in the Bolivian highlands (La Paz, Potosi) for quite a while now, and trained the talented Bolivian surgeon Dr Alfredo Mamani over a period of three years. Dr Mamani started his own project towards the end of 2015 and founded the supporting organisation Jiwaqui Bolivia. The association is based in La Paz. In each of the years of 2017 and 2018 Dr Mamani was able to perform more than 200 operations!