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Project partner in Burundi

Das Centre Médical Hippocrate in Bujumbura

The first operations on cleft children from Burundi took place during an operating campaign in February of 2015. The Fondation Stamm, who runs the Centre Médical Hippocrate (CMH) hospital in the capital Bujumbura, is our local partner. It is managed by Verena Stamm who emigrated to Burundi from Germany some thirty years ago. Within the framework of the project we are cooperating with the German burundikids e.V. association and the Swiss burundikids Schweiz foundation on establishing a fixed drop-in centre for cleft children and subsequently the development of a permanent lip-jaw-palate department or cleft centre.

Educational work is very important and must be conducted through as many channels as possible. This includes, for example, letting the people know about the possibilities for an operation in churches, schools and through radio bulletins. Lots of patients will only find out that they have the chance for help through measures such as these. According to the current World Hunger Index Burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Some 60% of the population are undernourished, only half of the children have the chance to go to school. Medical treatment is often not accessible or affordable.

Project partners in Burundi