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Project partner in Peru

Qorito in Lima and Dr Mario Cornejo in Cuzco

The doctors from our Peruvian partner organisation Qorito have considerable experience, as they have been treating children with cleft lips and palates since 1989. The organisation was officially founded in 2006 by our surgeon Dr Alberto Bardales and project manager Dr Ulrike Lamlé. The association follows the highest standards when it comes to quality of the treatment of cleft children and cares for its patients as comprehensively as possible. In the meantime the team of Qorito includes, besides the surgeons, also psychologists, functional and speech therapists as well as the orthodontic dentist Dr Omar Cotrina, who is specialised in cleft malformations.

In light of the size of the country and the poor transport infrastructure actually reaching the affected children and informing people about the possibilities of an operation becomes quite a difficult thing to do. That is why Qorito operates not only in Lima, but also organises operating campaigns throughout the entire country in order to establish drop-in centres for cleft children that can be reached by the families from the more inaccessible regions. Our second operating location in the country is Cuzco, where Dr Mario Cornejo leads a smaller cleft project from his private practice, operating on some 20 to 30 cleft patients every year.

Project partner in Peru