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Project partner in Tanzania

Bishop Severine Niwemugizi (diocese of Rulenge-Ngara) and Dr Laurent Siborurema (Rwanda)

Our project in Tanzania is led by our Rwandan surgeon Dr Laurent Siborurema. He was trained by Dr Dr Oliver Blume and Gunther Au-Balbach, as well as in our Indian cleft centres. Dr Siborurema conducts the campaigns in Tanzania independently and is supported in his efforts by our Ugandan anaesthetist Dr Emmanuel Munyarugero.

The bishop of the diocese of Rulenge-Ngara, Severine Niwemugizi, is our local contract partner. The diocese runs several hospitals in Tanzania and provides the well-equipped hospital in Rulenge for operations of the cleft children. Dr Prosper Mallya, a doctor in the Rulenge hospital, coordinates the work locally and organises the search for affected children.

Cleft children in Tanzania