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Our Swiss partner organisation

In close cooperation with Swiss doctors the board of directors and staff members of Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe founded a partner organisation in Switzerland in 2008. The society was established in order to generate additional funding of our help for cleft children. The Schweizer Hilfe für Spaltkinder has been financing operations in the Indian cleft centres of Coorg and Mysuru since December of 2013. Over the past years the society enabled some 500 operations per annum. The society has its headquarters in Therwil, a small town close to Basel.

The paediatric surgeons Dr Brigitte Winkler and Dr Madeleine Kummer have actively helped establish cleft projects in Cameroon while they were on operating campaigns.

With Dr Jos van der Hoek we are also very grateful to have a very experienced partner for orthodontics on the team. We are especially happy that the Schweizer Hilfe für Spaltkinder manages to raise the donations for cleft children purely through voluntary work!

Swiss partner organisation

Members of the board

  • Dr med dent Jos van der Hoek, Maxillofacial Orthopedist SSO, Chairperson
  • Dr med Madeleine Kummer, FMH Paediatric Surgeon, Managing Director
  • Dr med Sandro Negri, FMH Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, specialised on neck and facial surgery, Deputy Chairperson
  • Alexander Gross, member (Chairperson and Managing Director of Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe)
  • Dr med Brigitte Winkler, FMH Paediatric Surgeon, Member/Assessor