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Great success in training

Cleft children are especially hard hit in Afghanistan. They suffer not only because of their appearance, but also have to deal with the legacy of the conflicts that ravaged their country. Due to the decades of war there are no specialised treatment centres, let alone follow-on care for cleft children. But despite the problematic situation in the country we, together with the German Foreign Office, managed to initiate a training project for Afghan surgeons in 2010. Because of the security situation the training units had to be held outside of the country. Training locations were, amongst others, in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe and the surgery centres in India. Since the end of 2012 the surgeons Dr Sebghutullah Natory (Kunduz) and Dr Habibullah Atif (Faizabad), both who received their training through us, are performing their operations self-dependently.

Both surgeons have started cleft projects in their respective home towns and operate on a regular basis on cleft children who otherwise would have no chance of receiving medical treatment. The biggest problems that they have to face if they want to continue to develop the projects are the security situation and the difficult accessibility of the remote villages.

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Cleft children cannot be helped without adequately trained surgeons. We have managed to achieve this through the training of Dr Natory and Dr Atif. In 2015 we extended the project by adding the surgeons Dr Nooria Zia and Dr. Wahed Ershad from Mazar-i-Sharif and trained them for three months at our cleft centre in the Indian city of Visakhapatnam. This training was successful as well. Both surgeons returned to Afghanistan highly motivated and are now operating on cleft children.

Join the help by making a donation and enabling the operations!

Join the help by making a donation and enabling the operations!
Join the help by making a donation and enabling the operations!