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Five experienced surgeons extend the scope of our help

In 2019 we will be able to perform well over 1,000 cleft operations in Bangladesh. This is made possible by extending our cooperation with an additional number of local surgeons who are liaised by our new aid partner, the Australian organisation Operation Cleft Australia (OCA).

Our work began more than ten years ago with the surgeon Dr Muhammad Quamruzzaman, who today ranks among Bangladesh's most experienced and qualified surgeons. From an outset of some 300 operations per year, the numbers of cleft children who have successfully undergone surgery have continued to grow. We are pleased to announce that with a total of six surgeons available to us we are now the second largest organisation providing help to cleft children in Bangladesh.

The operation campaigns are held throughout the country, including the smaller, local hospitals, in order to gain the trust of the parents. In Bangladesh it is quite common that the rural population is afraid of placing their children into the care of doctors if they have to travel to the cities for treatment. Educating the people about the treatability of cleft deformations is therefore an important part of our work. As a result, our support for local educational work is nearly as great as that for actual surgery. In future, we also hope to be able to achieve a long-term treatment of cleft children through the means of dental and speech therapy measures as one of our goals.

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Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated parts of the planet and currently has more than 150m inhabitants! The number of untreated cleft patients is accordingly high, as we can assume that approximately one in 500 or 600 births is a cleft child.

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Join the help by making a donation and helping a child in Bangladesh.
Join the help by making a donation and helping a child in Bangladesh.