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More help in the highlands of Bolivia

Since the beginning of our help in the country we have been able to provide more than 1,000 Bolivian cleft children with an operation. In order to reach families in the remote regions of Bolivia the surgeon and manager of our partner organisation "Cleft Bolivia Amar y Sanar", Dr Mario Villalba, makes use of posters that inform the population on where and when the next free treatment for affected children from impoverished families will take place. With our support the very experienced Bolivian surgeon operates year-round on cleft children in a hospital in Tarija and on operating campaigns where he treats children in provincial hospitals which range, for instance, from the jungle villages surrounding the lowland city of Trinidad all the way to the Andean city of Cochabamba.

For two years now a second surgeon, Dr Adolfo Mamani, is operating for us in the Bolivian highlands. He received his training from our Peruvian surgeon Dr Alberto Bardales. Since then Dr Mamani has founded the Bolivian NGO Jiwaqui Bolivia which is based in La Paz. His team operates on some ten to fifteen children every month. During October of 2018 executive board member Prof Dr Frank Feyerabend and Prof Dr Dr Götz Ehrmann from the board of trustees visited the project and returned to Germany utterly satisfied and enthused by what they had witnessed of Jiwaqui Bolivia's activities. It is our common goal to establish a cleft centre in the highlands that can provide affected children with comprehensive care as quickly as possible.

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The landscape of Bolivia makes the treatment of children with cleft lip and palate especially difficult. Lots of villages lie in the remote mountainous regions, at altitudes of up to 4,000m above sea level. The rough terrain and great distances to the nearest medical station or doctor mean that people are often completely cut off from medical treatment. The high altitude and mostly unbalanced diet lead to a higher rate of cleft lips, gums and palates. The special task of our projects here is to bring help to where it is needed most: to the children in the remote villages who without our help would otherwise not have any hope of receiving an operation.

Join the help and support us to cover the costs of 250 euro per procedure for the cleft children in Bolivia who so urgently need an Operation.

Join the help by making a donation and enabling cleft children in Bolivia to receive the operation they so urgently need.
Join the help by making a donation and enabling cleft children in Bolivia to receive the operation they so urgently need.