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Our most significant project country is India

Right from its outset in 2003 Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe has been active in India, currently enabling up to 2,500 operations in 25 cleft centres every year! We are not only growing in numbers, but also in quality, as the interdisciplinary and comprehensive treatment of the patients in the centres is increasingly gaining importance. This can be recognised in the Comprehensive Cleft Care Centres (CCC-Centres) that we run in, for example, Mysuru/Karnataka, Hyderabad/Telangana, Agra/Uttar Pradesh and Kolkata/West Bengal.

We are dependent on a steadily increasing level of our financial resources. It is against this background that we are extremely thankful that our Swiss partner organisation - Schweizer Hilfe für Spaltkinder - has taken over most of the costs of the operations that are arising in Patna/Bihar and our Indian partner organisation ABMSS (Akhila Bharatha Mahila Sema Samaja) is increasingly managing to raise donations within India itself. The total costs for the operations and treatment of the cleft patients who are from the most impoverished parts of the population run to approximately one million euro per annum.

The need for help of the cleft patients in India remains enormous. Surveys estimate that on average some 50,000 children with cleft lip and palate are born in India every year. On top of this there is a very large number of affected children that have not yet had the operation but are kept hidden away. An analysis of the numbers for the state of Assam showed that in 2013 approximately ten percent of the cleft children had died before their first birthday - due to malnutrition and neglect.

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Large parts of the Indian population have no access to medical care. With the more than 2,000 operations and follow-on treatment that we can enable annually we are making an important contribution to a high-quality care. And each operation on a child in India only costs 250 euro.

Numbers of operations in 2018

Agra 163
Ahmedabad 139
Bhubaneswar 168
Kodagu und Bengaluru 159
Hyderabad 195
Mysuru 139
Patna 215
Surat 155
Vishakhapatnam 216
Raipur 133
Kolkata 359
Bhopal, Noida/Delhi, Goa, Katra, Jodhpur, Mangaluru, Mumbai und Pune 390
Total 2.431
Help to enable cleft children in India to lead a new life with dignity.
Help to enable cleft children in India to lead a new life with dignity.