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Ramjan and Tasmina: a family's fate

For 24 years Ramjan Ali Mola suffers from the disfiguration caused by his cleft lip. As a child he is often teased. And even as an adult he has to endure constant mockery from the people around him. He lives a withdrawn life with his wife in Howrah, in the Indian state of West Bengal. Two days after Ramjan's 24th birthday the young couple's third child, Tasmina, is born - with a cleft lip! Just like Ramjan's parents before him, he accepts their daughter's deformity as a stroke of fate.

But luck has it, that a short time later a project team member from our cleft centre in Kolkata gets to meet the family during one of our education campaigns. He explains to them that the cleft lips of Ramjan and Tasmina can be treated. And that the procedure is free - much to Ramjan's relief, as he can just about feed his family of five with the wages he earns as a carpet weaver. Father and daughter are both operated on by Dr Siddhartha Chatterjee. Now Ramjan is hardly recognisable, and soon Tasmina will also only be marked by a little scar. With 500 euro, the price for the two operations, we were to provide two people and an entire family with a new prospect for the future! 

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