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Dat: our little protégé from Vietnam

Dat has been very lucky: we managed to successfully first close his cleft lip and jaw, and then his cleft palate even before his second birthday. This gives the little boy the best chances in life to grow up healthy and strong. It is especially important for speech development that the cleft palate is closed as early as possible.

It was a great shock for Dat's parents to see him born with a cleft lip, jaw and palate. But fortunately his mother quickly found new courage and confidence that she would find help for her son. This resolve made it possible for us to operate on his cleft lip and jaw when he was just seven months old. Our experienced and caring surgeon Dr Ai also carried out the second procedure, which closed the cleft palate, in March of 2019. Together with our partner organisation OSCA (Center for Researching and Aiding Smile Operation) Dr Ai and his team operate on affected children in Hanoi as well as in the country's more remote areas. OSCA's special strength lies in the excellent network that its staff and committed volunteers have created throughout the entire country. This also enables them to give the affected children aftercare following the procedures. It was only recently that Dat had a successful operation on a fistula (a small remaining hole in the palate).

We wish our little bubbly Dat a happy, healthy and fulfilling life! Please donate, so that we can make more operations for children like Dat possible!