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Waking a zest for life after so many years thanks to your donation

With his grey hair and long, gray beard Mohammad certainly stands out from the little patients surrounding him. He is the oldest patient to be seen on this operations campaign which is held in Kutupalong/Bangladesh. On the 10th of December he will turn 61, and for all these years he has been living with a very pronounced cleft lip and palate which deforms his face. He has neither a family nor a home. What he calls "home" is the Rohingya refugee camp of Kutupalong. This is where he was found by a social worker from Dr Zaman's team and persuaded to undergo surgery. Sitting in the bus between the children and their mothers he does not really know what to expect. He looks sad, appears worn down by life and the sorrow he has had to endure. He does not speak much. The cleft kept growing and getting ever more bulging over the course of the years. He probably had to cope with lots of mockery and derision. After waking from the narcosis and seeing the result of the operation for the first time in a mirror he can hardly believe his luck. The cleft is gone! He almost doesn't recognise himself. For the first time in a long while a smile appears on his face.

Kutupalong, currently the largest refugee camp in the world, lies in the district of Cox's Bazaar, on the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar. Several hundred thousand Rohingya live there. As a Muslim minority in the predominately Buddhist Myanmar the Rohingya have been persecuted for decades. The situation escalated in August of 2017 and hundreds of thousands escaped the country, fleeing from the violence and atrocities committed by the Burmese military. More than half of the refugees are children, homeless and without any prospects. 

Dr Zaman works tirelessly for children with cleft lip and palates - also in the refugee camp, where he conducts operation campaigns several times a year. He is grateful for the support he receives from Germany. For him, every cleft patient that he can help counts. Help him by making a donation!


Mohammad before surgery
Mohammad after surgery