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Soorya - a strong, cheerful girl despite a dramatic fate

Ten-year old Soorya was born with a cleft lip, jaw and palate. Out of shame and desperation her father took his own life. This was a massive tragedy for her mother! Soorya was already eight when her mother became aware of our help. Dr Rao, head of our Cleft Centre in Mangaluru, initially operated on the girl's upper lip. Against the will of her grandfather, who has since then also opposed the second operation that would close the palate. Dr Rao repeatedly tried to persuade him to let the procedure go ahead. A date for the operation on the palate was finally set for the 21st of May. Soorya did not show up for the appointment. Dr Rao will continue to stand up for the girl, he will not give up. We very much hope that he will succeed in convincing the family. We would like to do more for Soorya. Apart from the urgently needed operation of the palate Dr Rao is also planning a treatment of the congenital deformation of her lower lip and a nose correction.

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