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Presenting cleft children with the gift of a new face

Why not make your birthday, anniversary, wedding anniversary or your child's christening even more of a special occasion by letting a cleft child and its family from the other side of the world be part of the celebration.

Using your personal occasion as the incentive for providing cleft children with a second chance in life is easy: just ask your friends and guests to make a donation towards the operation of cleft children instead of giving you a present!

  • In order for us to properly assign the gift donations it is advisable to have a keyword or heading ready at hand for the occasion.
  • Please inform your friends and guests about this keyword or heading when they make their transaction, and that they must provide their full address in order for us to be able to issue a donation receipt.
  • We are able to provide donation forms with the keyword or heading already included, as well as further information material that you can give to your family and friends.
  • We will be happy to inform you about the total sum raised through the gift donations.

For the best possible sequence of events please contact Ulrike Claassens:

Ulrike Claassens
Tel.: +49 (0)761 137 976 0
Email: info(at)

A commitment across the generations

For her 85th birthday grandmother Leonore asked for a donation of 15 euro from each of her guests - including her grandchildren - to Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe. Her granddaughter Sunita (who is 7 years old) wasn't receiving an allowance yet, however she desperately wanted to join the effort. Her mother suggested she should read a book until the birthday came around - for every hundred pages she would get five euro and the book in question had 300 pages! The time was running out so Sunita kept on reading during recess at school and that in turn led to the teachers, classmates, their parents and her mother's friends donating as well. The little lady had the largest donation as the birthday arrived! Two operations were made possible through the help of the granddaughter and the birthday guests.

We would like to thank family E. and all who made a donation and wish all the best for grandmother Leonore’s 85th!