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Help us to extend our aid network so that even more cleft children can have a brighter future. Recommendations are important to us, as we are only a small society with a limited marketing budget. We are grateful if you can help us to reach out to even more people and to win over new donors for our help for cleft children. Together we can do a lot for the affected children and their families.

We are happy to send you information material that you can give to your family and friends. Simply write us a mail to info(at) or call us at
+49 (0)761 137 976 0.


Albert Vogelmann
Albert Vogelmann is 95 years old and has been supporting Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe for 11 years. He still is hale and hearty and full of vigour when it come to helping cleft children.

"I am very thankful for my eight healthy grandchildren. For me the children treated by Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe are the poorest of the poor. Their deformation has ruined their chance of ever living a normal life. They often cannot speak or eat properly. I'm donating so that these children can have an operation as early as possible which can provide them with a normal life."

Christa und Otmar Binder
Christa and Otmar Binder are passionate about their farm and help cleft children by raising donations through fundraising events held at their farm shop and market stall.

"We like making strawberry punch or baking potato pizza which we distribute free of charge. And we are really pleased when the donations box fills up. For us it is important that we know what will happen with the money that was raised. It makes us and our customers happy that we were once again able to provide a child from Peru with an operation!"

Familie Czaja
The Czaja family knows exactly what a cleft operation means for a child and wants to help cleft children from poor families who otherwise would not have a chance of treatment.

"Our daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. We are fortunate that she can grow up without this impediment because of the good treatment that she received. But in many poor countries it is far from given that an operation can be performed. That is why we donate willingly and we would like to thank Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe for their great work."