apoBank Foundation supports cleft care in Bolivia

In May 2020 we expanded our aid project in Bolivia: Cochabamba was added as a third location, in addition to the two existing locations in Tarija and La Paz. The project partner is the well-respected Ayninakuna organization. At the Ayninakuna treatment center, cleft children receive comprehensive care. In addition to speech therapy and orthodontics, the very young patients are treated preoperatively with NAM therapy immediately after birth. Psychosocial support for the families also is an integral part of the help in Cochabamba.

We thank the apoBank Foundation for their continued support. The donation of 9,000 euros helps us reduce the OP waiting list that resulted from Corona and to establish Cochabamba as a new point of contact for help for cleft children in Bolivia.

Estefan with his grandmother before the surgery.
Estefan with his mother: peekaboo in times of Corona.
Estefan happy after his surgery, performed at our new treatment center in Cochabamba.