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Masks for donations

Three years ago, Constanze Fontanive fulfilled a dream: The local organic food store in Gundelfingen was looking for a new owner. She knew: It was now or never! The agricultural scientist with a focus on organic farming did not have to think twice. Ever since then she has been running the Gundelfingen organic food store with passion and a selection of goods that leaves nothing to be desired: the finest fruits and vegetables, fresh baked goods, tea, coffee and organic wine, baby care products, cosmetics and eco-friendly cleaning agents. All these necessities are lovingly presented here in selected organic quality.

When the Corona pandemic began, the small shop saw more demand than ever. Everyday masks were quickly added to the selection. The first masks that Constanze Fontanive sold came from her mother Helga Fontanive’s home workshop, today an employee’s mother does the sewing.

Through her parents, Constanze Fontanive became aware of our work for cleft children a year ago. She decided to donate the proceeds from the hand-sewn masks to a good cause. The 10 euros per mask are distributed equally: five euros for our cleft children, five euros will go to an animal protection campaign. Today she presented us with a donation of 145 euros! A big thank you to Constanze Fontanive and her team for this wonderful initiative, to the hardworking seamstresses and to the numerous donors who pass on the smile hidden by their masks on winding paths.

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Constanze Fontanive outside her store in Gundelfingen.
A little oasis in Gundelfingen.
There is much to discover!
Constanze Fontanive presents the proceeds from her mask initiative to DCKH’s Andrea Weiberg.
A mask that gifts a smile.