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100 years of MESTO – 10 years of cleft aid

MESTO, a manufacturer of portable sprayers based in Freiberg, Baden-Württemberg is a real family business and has been a loyal supporter of our work for cleft children for 10 years now. The firm turned 100 years old on September 28, 2019. In wonderful late summer weather, the anniversary was celebrated extensively in the Wagenhallen in Stuttgart with family, employees and business partners. Instead of gifts, owner Bernd Stockburger presented a check to our employees Ulrike Claassens and Andrea Weiberg: A donation of 19,190 euros for cleft children. The amount echoes the year – 1919 – the traditional company was founded in, generously rounded up. What better way to celebrate such an anniversary than to gift a smile to 415 cleft children!

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From our projects
The story of Maui, cleft child from Colombia
Our new project to help children with cleft lip and palate in Colombia begins with a very unusual case. Maui was born with a cleft lip and palate. His parents belong to an indigenous people and do not know how to get him the help he needs. By a happy coincidence, Julia, a Swiss woman living in Colombia, is a neighbor of the family and offers to help. In search of treatment options, she comes across Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe.
Video: Impressions from Bolivia
The parents of our cleft children are always full of gratitude. When their child is born with cleft, they often do not know what to make of the malformation, much less that it can be treated. And even if they do - most of our little patients come from the poorest of backgrounds. Their parents could never afford the operation. It is an unimaginable happiness for them to learn that their children can receive qualified treatment, and free of charge even. This wonderful, touching film from our Bolivian aid project captures these special moments of happiness.
Video: Impressions from Pakistan
This film, made for our Pakistani partner organization, the Al-Mustafa Welfare Societey, by the father of one of our patients, shows scenes from our work in Karachi. From here, our senior surgeon Prof. Ashraf Ganatra treats cleft children from poorest families. He operates the children from Karachi at the Al Mustafa Medical Center. In order to reach the many needy families living outside the city, he also regularly heads out to local provincial hospitals to treat cleft patients there.