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Great challenges in 2021

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As a result of the pandemic, many cleft children could not be treated in 2020. Organizations that rely on foreign teams for help have had to stop helping. Thanks to our local surgeons, we were able to continue our work. More than 4,000 operations were the gratifying result in this difficult year. Our goal for 2021: An increase in the number of surgeries back to the level of 2019, our most successful year to date – which we concluded with 6,280 operations.

We want to realize 6,500 operations in 2021. We are mobilizing all of our capacities for this. The increased costs for the surgeries are an additional challenge: Due to new laboratory, protective and hygiene measures, each operation costs 50 euros more than before. For 2021 we thus have to calculate with 300 euros per operation. Over thousands of operations, the difference amounts to a six-figure additional requirement.

We need your help so that we can continue our help for cleft children! Please support us with your donation.

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6,500 surgeries in 11 countries!

India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bolivia, Vietnam, East Africa (Tanzania, Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia), Peru and Afghanistan: in 2021 these will be the priority countries for our work. You can see below how the 6,500 operations we are planning are distributed among the individual countries.

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2,000 surgeries planned in India
1,700 surgeries planned in Bangladesh.
1,000 surgeries planned in Pakistan.
400 surgeries planned in Bolivia.
350 surgeries planned in Vietnam.
230 surgeries planned in East Africa.
200 surgeries planned in Peru.
120 surgeries planned in Afghanistan.