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Online seminar on functional therapy in children with lip and palate malformations is a success

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The experienced speech therapist Dr. Ulrike Wohlleben shared her knowledge with fellow medical professionals from our partner organizations in Latin America in a first two-hour online training seminar. Dr. Wohlleben has extensive Latin America experience, so the seminar was held in Spanish without the need for a separate interpreter. 40 professionals from six countries – Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Peru and Nicaragua – took part.

Medical professionals from the fields of surgery, speech and functional therapy, physiotherapy and psychology participated. A special guest was a young woman with an operated double-sided cleft malformation from Nicaragua, who was treated by Mrs. Wohlleben as a child and still maintains close contact with her.

The Castillo Morales® concept

The training gave an instructive introduction to the Castillo Morales® concept, which was new to most of our partners, and ended with a question and answer session and time for mutual networking. The seminar was very well received and we hope to organize a further training with Dr. Wohlleben.

A big thank you to Ulrike Wohlleben for her commitment to helping children with cleft malformation!

Ulrike Wohlleben has a speech therapy practice in Erlangen and is a lecturer within the basic courses for the Castillo Morales® – Concept. She has completed the training as a teaching therapist for the Castillo Morales® – Concept in Germany and Argentina. Since 1997 she has been traveling to Nicaragua yearly with the interdisciplinary team of the Nicaplast organization to provide medical and therapeutic care to patients with cleft lip and palate.