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Despite Corona: Aid for cleft children in Pakistan

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Even in times of the pandemic, we are there for our little patients and their families. Our philosophy of building independently functioning structures in our project countries has proven to be a great advantage. Many aid organizations work with foreign teams. They had to largely stop their aid in 2020 due to the difficulty of planning missions stemming from the disruption of global travel. Thanks to our reliance on local doctors, we were able to continue our work for cleft children.

Pakistan is one of our most important project countries. Prof. Ganatra has been heading our aid project since 2016. He treats cleft children in Karachi. Usually he also conducts regular surgery missions to rural areas to treat cleft patients there. This unfortunately is currently not yet possible again. But the work in Karachi continues. Thanks to a new anti-infection concept, Prof. Ganatra and his team can regularly operate cleft children. He has sent us some impressions from one of his Saturday surgery days. Seven children were treated on January 9th. A great joy for the mothers, whose children now can live a life free of the health effects of untreated cleft. Treating these children is a glimmer of hope for them, their families, and us, and a great note to start the new year on.

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Prof. Ganatra with one of his little patients
January 2021: seven mothers with their children during patient registration
One of our patients with their mother.
A small surgery that greatly improves a child’s life and lifts a worry off a family’s shoulders.
A surprised face