Surgical mission in Pakistan

In late February, Prof. Ganatra, our senior surgeon in Pakistan, travelled to Naushahro Feroze. A major surgical mission was to take place in the city, 340 kilometers northeast of Karachi: More than sixty children were registered to be treated. The team accompanying Prof. Ganatra is correspondingly large. Six medical students, five surgeons, anesthesiologists and nurses are at Prof. Ganatra’s side. Eight of them are women. Our volunteer project manager Dr. Ulrike Lamlé is also part of the team.


“I am overjoyed to see the professionalism and commitment shown by our team in Pakistan. I am particularly pleased that so many women are part of Prof. Ganatra’s team and are being trained by him. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is usually reserved for men in Pakistan. “

Dr. med. Ulrike Lamlé, volunteer project manager


The equipment at the hospital in Naushahro Feroze is less lavish than the European standard, but it is sufficient for our work, as are of course the hygiene standards, to ensure safe operations for our patients. The entire process – from patient admission to photo documentation to the surgical interventions and the control visit after the operation – is perfectly organized. A total of 64 patients receive surgery in two days of work.

One of the youngest patients is five-month-old Azaad. His parents only recently leaned of our aid project through a poster. Until then, they were very worried about their son. He couldn’t nurse properly and was very weak. The whole family sets off to the hospital full of newfound hope. The seven of them live in the most basic conditions, in a mud house with a thatched roof, without electricity and running water. They could never have afforded the operation.

Azaad is successfully operated on February 29. His parents are overjoyed with the result of the lip surgery. Since the boy’s palate is also affected, another operation is necessary. The family has great confidence in Prof. Ganatra and his team. They will definitely bring Azaad back to this second surgery, which will let him to lead a normal life free of the problems the open palate would cause.

Patient registration: Azaad with his parents before the surgery
Azaads family patiently waits in the hospital while Azaad receives surgery.
Joyous atmosphere after a successful surgery.
Nine year old Perwaiz with Dr. Ulrike Lamlé before surgery.
And nine month old Mohammad with his mother.
Both boys had a successful surgery.
Prof. Ganatra with his team.
Prof. Ganatra during patient intake.
Ulrike Lamlé observes as Prof. Ganatra operates.
Five good reasons to donate
We are dedicated to one single cause: the treatment of children with cleft lip and palate. In our project countries, we provide direct medical aid to families in need. With success measurable by the number of operations.
As far as the structures in our project countries allow, we also finance necessary follow-up treatments beyond the surgeries, such as speech therapy or orthodontic measures.
Every treatment is documented in our patient database by the doctors on site and verified and checked for quality by us. This way we can be sure that the donations entrusted to us are used properly.
Our goal always is to establish independently functioning medical structures in our project countries. We therefore support our projects over the long term and continuously stay in contact with our local partners.
The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has been certifying our responsible and proper handling of our donation income with its DZI donation seal since 2012.