Can I pick the child I want to fund the surgery for?

It is not possible to pre-select a particular child. All our patients are equally dependent on our help. Every treatment is documented by our teams on site. Once a month we check all recorded treatments and then assign the operation sponsorships. You will receive the information about "your" child and the treatment you financed afterwards, i.e. after your donation has been used. For this purpose, we will send you a password-protected link by e-mail, which will give you access to our patient database.

Can I sponsor a surgery for a child in a specific country?

Currently, surgery sponsorships are possible in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. If you have a "desired country" that is particularly close to your heart, please contact us.

Can I provide other support for a child whose treatment I have funded?

The focus of our help is the medical care of children with cleft lip and palate. The surgery sponsorship is a pure treatment sponsorship. In contrast to a classic sponsorship, as a surgery sponsor you finance the treatment of a child once. If the child you are supporting has a second operation, we will inform you about it and you can decide whether you would like to finance this operation as well. It is not possible to support the child in any other way.

What is the breakdown of surgery costs?

The surgery costs include information and support for the parents by our team on site, the inpatient stay including food, medication, the required medical material as well as the surgical procedure itself including anesthesia.

The 300 Euros are an imputed average of the real costs, which vary from project country to project country.

An essential principle of our work is the establishment of local structures. This allows us to calculate with local prices. In addition, the help on site is organized independently by our partners. The leading surgeons receive an expense allowance, and our partner hospitals generally provide us with the medical infrastructure at below the usual market price.

Do I receive a donation receipt?

We always send the donation receipts automatically in January of the respective following year. This reduces our administrative workload and thus our costs. Donors who make multiple donations per year receive a collective receipt on which all donations are acknowledged for reporting to the tax office.

Donations of up to 300 euros do not necessarily require a donation receipt to be tax deductible. The tax office accepts the bank statement or PC printout for online donations as simplified proof of donation.