Team der ersten Stunde: Stefan Rivald, Nicole Reinbold und Alexander Gross.

Prof. Frank Feyerherd (honorary board member)

Frank Feyerherd was an anesthesiologist at the University Clinic in Greifswald until he retired and now works in a private clinic. He managed our Cameroon project in Ngaoundéré for more than ten years. As an anesthesiologist, improving the anesthesia conditions and thus the safety of the surgeries is of particular concern to him.

Thomas Schneider (honorary board member)

"Corporate Social Responsibility" is a personal commitment for entrepreneur and master tanner Thomas Schneider. As the founder of ISA TanTec, a group of tanneries with locations in China, Vietnam, the USA and Italy, he is committed to environmentally friendly processes in leather processing. He has been a member of the board of directors since 2013.

Alexander Gross (chairman of the board)

Alexander Gross, founding member of Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe, manages the association's affairs in full-time in addition to his work on the board. The former Bundesliga professional ice hockey player studied sociology, education and politics in Freiburg. He started his professional career in Switzerland, where among other things he worked as a consultant for non-profit organizations.

Andrea Weiberg (managing director)

Before Andrea Weiberg became part of the Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe team in 2018, the business administration graduate with a focus on marketing worked in various companies and advertising agencies. Looking for a meaningful job, she joined Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe and has been responsible for our fundraising and communications ever since. She was appointed Managing Director effective August 1st, 2021.