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Gift a donation

At a baptism or a wake, an anniversary or an inauguration party: raising funds for charity is a good and sensible alternative to a “classic” gift. With a call for donations – no matter the occasion – you help one or more children and draw attention to our work in your local area.

Do you want to make someone happy while doing something good for a child? Depending on your budget and preference, choose from various gift donations: whether 30 euros as a contribution for the important awareness work, 40 euros for sutures, 60 euros for a child’s inpatient stay or 120 euros for surgery and anesthesia. With every donation you support our help for cleft children worldwide. And if you want to invest a little more, gift an surgery sponsorship. A 250 euro gift whose actual value is immeasurable: the life of a child being changed for the better by the surgery.

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If your call for donations is connected to a celebration or other social event, we are happy to send you a collection box and information material. If you want to get creative yourself, we can provide you with text templates and images.

After receipt of your donation, we will send you the donation confirmation.

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Direct transfer

Your guests transfer the donation directly to us. In this case, each donor from whom we have the contact details will receive a donation confirmation from us.

If the donations contain a subject line that you communicated in advance, we can connect the donations received to your call for donations and send you a donor overview afterwards.

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Your contact
Ulrike Claassens
Donor communications
phone: 0761 137976 – 11
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Account details:

Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e. V.

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

IBAN: DE46 2512 0510 0008 4842 00




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Your donation certificate

As a gift, as a thank you to forward to your guests or just as a memento for yourself: We are happy to design an individual donation certificate for you.

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Five good reasons to donate
We are dedicated to one single cause: the treatment of children with cleft lip and palate. In our project countries, we provide direct medical aid to families in need. With success measurable by the number of operations.
As far as the structures in our project countries allow, we also finance necessary follow-up treatments beyond the surgeries, such as speech therapy or orthodontics.
Every treatment is documented in our patient database by the doctors on site and verified and checked for quality by us. This way we can be sure that all donations are used properly.
Our goal always is to establish independent medical structures in our project countries. We build long-term projects and stay in close touch with our local partners.
The German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) has certified our responsible handling of our donation income with its DZI donation seal since 2012.