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Help as a business

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Corporate social responsibility is more than just an obligation to you? Actively integrate your social commitment into your corporate strategy and communication with your customers and employees. We offer you a simple and impressive way to make a difference: Help for children with cleft lip and palate, for whom you can pave the way to a better life with a surgery. With only 300 euros, you can sponsor a surgery to repair a cleft child’s cleft.

Thanks to your commitment, these children get a new chance to live a normal life. Before and after pictures, which we are happy to share with you, make it tangible to you what a big difference your donation will have made in these children’s lives.

Below are a few examples of how you as a company can become part of our effort to help cleft children:

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Help now – it’s simple!
If you want to help quickly and directly, you can do so easily using our online donation form. To do this, use the “Donate as a company” field. For your communication, we will be happy to issue you a donation certificate or provide you with text and images on request. Or we can discuss with you how your engagement could be individually tailored to meet your needs.
Donate now!
Surgery sponsorships
Become a surgery sponsor with your business and finance the surgeries for any number of children you wish. Depending on the amount donated, we will send you before-and-after pictures of individual children for your public relations. The pictures clearly show what your support achieves: every surgery sponsorship changes a child’s life forever.
Become a sponsor
Christmas campaign
Give a smile for Christmas – that’s the motto of our Christmas campaign. Smiles from children whose life-changing surgery your company’s donation has made possible. With every surgery sponsorship you help a child and give him or her a new chance in life. To make your Christmas commitment in favor of cleft children known to your business partners and employees, you can use our promotional material for your communication.
Gift a Smile for Christmas
Employee involvement
Involve your employees in your social commitment. This increases identification with the company and promotes team spirit. There are many examples of employee involvement campaigns: the remaining cent donation from the salary, a charity run, a fundraising campaign. A matching program where your company multiplies employee donations also increases motivation.
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Good reasons to join our global cleft treatment effort with your business:
Years of experience
Founded in 2002, we can look back on extensive experience in the development of aid projects. We are an internationally recognized aid organization in the field of cleft lip and palate.
DZI certified
We have been bearers of the DZI donation seal since 2012. The DZI donation seal certifies that we handle the donations entrusted to us seriously and responsibly. To prove this and keep the seal, we subject ourselves to an extensive external audit every year.
Sustainable, long-term aid
We develop independently functioning structures in our project countries. Our on-site work is based on the commitment of local teams. Thanks to this philosophy, we can provide active help even in times of pandemic.
Tangible and simple
The focus of our aid work is the surgery as the cornerstone treatment for cleft children. That makes the impact of your donation very straightforward. Touching before and after pictures impressively document what your commitment achieves.
Many ways to help
Whether you finance an operation contingent for a specific project country, sponsor a surgery to celebrate the birth of an employee’s child, or initiate a Christmas donation drive: There are many ways to get involved in a meaningful way.
Internationally networked
We have aid projects in Asia, Africa and Latin America. If you are interested in getting involved in a specific project country, please let us know and we will do our best to make that possible.
Flexible and individual
A lean organization leaves us room to work out flexible individual solutions with you. We take the time to work with you to develop the ideas that fit your company. With the necessary experience on the corporate and NGO side – and with a lot of passion.
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We take the time to work with you to develop ideas that fit your company. With the necessary experience on the corporate and NGO side – and with a lot of heart.
Andrea Weiberg +49 (0)761 137976-15
Femke van Praagh +49 (0)761 137976-16