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Your support

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Our basic unit of measurement is the operation. An operation performed by a qualified local surgeon in one of our project countries costs an average of 300 euros. A small amount that makes a big difference: With 300 euros you can change a child’s life for the better.

In 2019, we performed 6,280 operations. We want to continue offering this level of aid and, if possible, even expand on it. You can help us with your donation!

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This is how you can help:
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Single donation
Whether 30 euros for the awareness work, 80 euros for the hospital stay, 110 euros for surgery and anesthesia or 300 euros for an entire operation: Every little bit helps us continue our work for our patients!
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Recurring donation
For long-term, sustainable results, we invest into the long-term development our aid projects. With a recurring donation you can provide a dependable foundation for our aid for cleft children.
recurring donation
Become a surgery sponsor
As a sponsor, you finance a cleft child’s life-changing operation with a one-time donation. After your donation has been used to pay for a surgery, you will receive information about “your” child.
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Gift a donation
Whether it’s a birthday, baptism or golden wedding anniversary – there are many great occasions to collect donations and draw attention to our work. A child’s smile is a beautiful gift!
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Endow and bequeath
By including us in your will or adding capital to our foundation you invest into the future of children who would have little chance in life without your support. An investment that gives life.
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Help as a business
If you want to support us as a private business, the possibilities are many. With any form of support you help our mission to give cleft children worldwide access to safe treatment.
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