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Frequently asked questions
What is included in the 300 euro cost of a surgery?
The sum includes information and care for the parents, transportation of the family to the hospital, hospital stay including meals, medical materials and finally the surgery including anaesthesia.
Does the operation cost the same in every country?
The 300 euros are a calculated average of the real costs, which vary from project country to project country.
Why are the costs for a surgery so low?
A key principle of our work is the strengthening of local structures. This means that we can work at local prices. In addition, the work on site is organized independently by our partners. The senior surgeons receive a fee and our partner hospitals usually let us use the medical infrastructure at below the usual market price.
When do I get my donation receipt?
We always automatically send out all donation receipts to our donors in January of the year following the donation. Donors who donate several times a year will receive a single collective receipt at this date, on which all donations are receipted for declaration to the tax office. This reduces our administrative effort and thus the costs. Donations of up to 300 euros do not necessarily require a donation receipt to be tax deductible. The German tax office accepts the account statement or PC printout for online donations as simplified proof of donation. If you do not live in Germany, please inquire about the applicable regulations in your location.
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