Sources and use of funding

In accordance with our statutory purpose, we act as a health insurance for needy patients with cleft lip and palate. With our donations, we finance the treatments carried out and maintain our aid structures in the project countries. The senior surgeons are reimbursed for their work, our partner hospitals often provide us with the necessary medical infrastructure at below the usual market rate. Every treatment is documented in our patient database by the doctors on site. After verifying the documentation, we reimburse the costs from Germany directly to our project partners every month.


Donation income and spending

We measure our success primarily by the number of surgeries carried out in our project countries. We have been fortunate to see a robust increase in the number of operations we have been able to fund in the past two years. This inevitably goes hand in hand with an increase in costs.

A detailed financial overview is available in our annual report. We will publish the annual financial statements for 2019 in October 2020 (only in German language).

Number of Operations
1,354,499 €
1,615,931 €
1,714,500 €
2,350,000 €

Publicity and administrative spending

We can’t do our work completely without spending money on advertising and administration. Without, we would be unable to raise donations and organize their use. Nevertheless, we try to keep this spending as low as possible. We do not use giveaway items such as pens, stationery or other “incentives” in our fundraising that unnecessarily cause costs through their production and in postage. Overall, the share of spending on fundraising, advertising and administration in 2018 was under 20 percent.


DZI Seal of approval

A token of dependability: Since 2012, we have been proud to bear the DZI Donation Seal for our responsible use of our donors’ funds. The first award was based on an audit of our 2010 spending and the certification process is repeated annually. The seal is awarded by the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI), based in Berlin. The DZI donation seal certifies that the organizations bearing it are responsible and careful in their use of the donations entrusted to them.


Nonprofit status

As a promotor of charitable purposes and public health, Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe eV is exempt from corporation tax in accordance with Section 5 (1) No. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act and exempt from trade tax in accordance with Section 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act (exemption notice from the Freiburg-Stadt Tax Office, tax number 06469/47127, November 18, 2019 for the last assessment period 2016 to 2018). 

Due to our nonprofit status, we can issue donation receipts for donations received. In order to reduce the administrative burden, these are sent out collectively at the beginning of the following year for all donations made by a donor in the previous year.