Project visit Sierra Leone

Many people in Sierra Leone are affected by extreme poverty. The country is currently ranked 181 out of 195 in the Human Development Index. This means that life expectancy, average education time and gross domestic product are all below average. Not good conditions for those who give birth to a child with cleft here….

In late January, our long-time volunteer supporters and Africa project leaders, the highly qualified doctors Gunther Au-Balbach and Dr. Dr. Oliver Blume, visited the country to establish contacts for a new cleft project and to provide treatment to the first patients.

Many children in Sierra Leone and around the world need help for their cleft lip and palate to live a normal life. Without treatment, they often cannot speak intelligibly, are ashamed of their appearance, and struggle with many health problems.

Thanks to our wonderful German volunteer doctors and project managers like Gunther Au-Balbach and Dr. Dr. Oliver Blume, our great local doctors in the project countries, and our many donors in Germany and all over the world, we are able to bring the needed medical help to thousands of them every year, finally enabling them to live a normal life. We would be happy to count you among our supporters!