Born with cleft lip and palate: Jobaida from Bangladesch

Jobaida is born on April 04, 2022 in Bangladesh. Her parents expect her with joy. But when they see their child for the first time, they are shocked: Jobaida has a cleft lip and palate. She finds it difficult to even eat and drink. And the parents are also afraid of their families’ reactions.

The shock is deep. The parents are worried. They want to help their daughter, but there is no money for the operation: Jobaida’s father works as a day laborer. And the family has 3 other children to take care of.

The parents are despondent. Then a ray of hope! The family learns about our treatment program for children with cleft lip and palate – possible thanks to our generous donors. Jobaida and her parents make the arduous journey of 230 km. And the hardships come to a good end: In two operations, our experienced partner surgeon Dr. Zaman first closes Jobaida’s cleft lip, then the cleft palate.

The little one takes the operations well – the result is excellent. Jobaida’s new smile is infectious. She is beaming all over her face, and her mother shares her daughter’s joy! It seems unbelievable: her daughter’s cleft lip is now almost invisible. Thanks to the repaired lip and palate clefts, Jobaida will be able to eat and learn to speak normally. Now she has the chance to grow up without the she would have faced otherwise in her daily life.

We share the family’s happiness and wish them all the best for their future!

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