Suresh from India

A good cleft lip and palate operation often requires more than just surgical tools and a trained and experienced doctor. High-quality anesthesia, time-consuming pre- and post-operative care and a good state of health of the young patients are also important prerequisites for successful treatment.

As one of two twin brothers, Suresh was born with a cleft lip and palate in India, our largest project country. At birth, he weighed just 2 kilograms, too little to receive surgery. 6 months later, his family had nursed him up enough and in August 2021, the time had finally come: the surgical team at the Mysuru Cleft Center under the highly experienced surgeon Dr. Manu Prasad was able to successfully close his cleft lip. His cleft palate follows half a year later.

Before the surgery: Suresh with his mother.
Half a year after the lip surgery: Suresh has returned to receive his palate surgery. His lip has healed well and he has grown visibly.

The twins’ parents are overjoyed: both their children now equally have the chance to live a healthy life and fulfil their dreams.

Tens of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and palate in India each year. With your donation you can help give them the care they need: before, during, and after the surgery.