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Thuỷ from Vietnam

Thuỷ is the second child of a family in northwest Vietnam near the small town of Hà Giang. Her family belongs to the Dao ethnic minority. Vietnam is a rapidly developing country, but ethnic minorities still face hardships: for example, they generally have little access to education and health care and are among the poorest population groups in Vietnam. A difficult situation for Thuỷ!

Her parents have precarious jobs, for which they also have to travel far away from home – close to 300 kilometers. Thuỷ then lives with her grandparents and her five-year-old brother. The family lives in a simple house that the father of the family built on a mountain. They do not receive any state support.

The family’s living situation is further complicated by Thuỷs bilateral cleft lip and palate. The little girl needs help from a specialized surgeon. But she doesn’t know that, nor yet that she is different from other children. Her playful nature brings a smile to our faces when she proudly lifts a broom twice her size.

Making a normal life possible

When the family learns about the free treatment option offered by our Vietnamese team, it is a great relief for them! They contact us directly. The surgery date is arranged and the parents are happy!

Just before the surgery Thuỷ is very affectionate. If you look for her, you will find her with her dad or mom, as if she knows what lies ahead for her. But she is in the best of hands: Her doctor is Dr. Ai, a very experienced cleft surgeon, with whose aid organization OSCA we have been working in Vietnam for a long time.

And everything turns out fine: the operation is successful. The parents are delighted: a big hurdle has been cleared off little Thuỷ’s life path. She will now be able to eat normally, learn to speak normally! This opens up many possibilities for her, which unfortunately often remain an unachievable dream for cleft children whose families cannot find a treatment option. This sad knowledge is why our work is so close to our hearts.

We are overjoyed to have been able to help the family and wish Thuỷ a bright, happy future!