Good news from Afghanistan: Surgery numbers triple

Afghanistan has been one of the countries where we provide aid for children with cleft lip and palate since 2010. We provided 1,530 surgeries in the country from 2010-2022.

The change of power in Kabul in August 2021 also made itself felt in our help for children in the country. While we were able to provide around 120 operations per year in 2017-2020, the number was only 18 in 2022. As there were of course no fewer children born with cleft lip and palate in 2022 than usual, this unfortunately means that many affected children in the country were left without treatment.

Many children in Afghanistan like Abdul still need help.
Ramina is one of the children we were able to help in the turbulent year of 2021.

The figures for 2023 now offer signs of hope: our doctors in the country were able to provide 59 cleft operations to their patients. Each of these operations means a new start in life for a child who would otherwise have had to face a daunting lifelong struggle in their everyday life, and a great relief for their worried family.

The operation improves or eliminates many of the health problems caused by an untreated cleft and thereby improves the children’s future prospects enormously.

We hope to be able to help many cleft children in Afghanistan in 2024. Help us achieve this – with your donation!