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300 euros: your investment in a child’s life

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Sheyla is born with a cleft lip and palate. Her young mother Jhessica is determined to help her daughter and finds our cleft project in La Paz. Jhessica would not have been able to pay for Sheyla’s operation on her own. But thanks to our donors and our Peruvian doctors Sheyla now has both major operations behind her at the age of 14 months: The little girl’s cleft lip and palate are closed. Sheyla now has the best chances to live a healthy, carefree life.
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A child’s surgery costs 300 euros on average in our project countries in Asia, South America and East Africa. As a surgery sponsor you assume the cost for one of these surgeries. A relatively small sum that makes great changes happen: It clears the path towards a new, better life for a child.

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“Laughter is life and vice versa”

The smile of each of these children is wonderful evidence of Oscar Wilde’s observation. Every child has their own story – a fate that we can turn for the better. For us, each of these stories is a small success and a great motivation to continue our mission. Because every child has the right to a carefree, healthy life!

Thank you for supporting us!

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Happy and carefree: Sheyla with her mother Jhessica before the palate surgery
How it all began: Sheyla and Jhessica during patient registration.
The lip surgery is behind them.
Our board member Prof. Dr. med. Frank Feyerherd with Sheyla during his project visit in Bolivia.
Striding confidently into her future: Sheyla
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What can I expect as a surgery sponsor?

As a surgery sponsor, you finance one – or more, if you choose – operations for a cleft child. These surgical procedures change the child’s life. This is a one-time donation, you do not make any ongoing commitment.

In most children, both the lip and the palate are affected. In these cases at least two operations are required. If the child whose first operation you made possible with your donation has a second operation we will let you know. If you choose, you can then fund this second procedure for your protégé as well.

The attending doctor documents every procedure in our patient database with before and after pictures and information about the child and their family. After the operation you’ve made possible has taken place – approximately four to eight weeks after receipt of the donation – you will receive an email from us with the link to “your” child’s patient record and further information about the treating doctor and the project country.

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Patient report
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Institution report
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Testimonies from our surgery sponsors

“Thank you very much for your email. I was very happy about the good news from Vietnam. I am particularly happy for little Binh and his parents. I would like to thank you for the detailed information, many thanks also to Dr. Pham Van Ai and his team. ” – Hilmar Claus, Castrop-Rauxel

“Thank you very much for your letter with information about the “our” child’s operation. It is very rare that a donation “gets a face”, and in this case this is a fitting double entrendre. We can empathize so much with the feelings of the parents before and after the operation, and it makes us very happy to know that the little girl can grow up with a better chance at a future. “Aiding smile operation” is a great expression for the work of the surgeons in Vietnam.” – The Stegmaier family, Aalen

We looked at the pictures and saw in the mother’s eyes the misery and strain of her own situation and certainly her family’s. Even if our own world is now facing a major threat, when you look at these pictures you have to see how fortunate we are despite our worries, worries that people in the poorest countries probably find ridiculous.” – Carola & Bernd Rückheim, Berlin

“Your message was a joy shortly before the start of the weekend. The adorable little guy will have it a lot easier in life from now on. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for his future and thank the surgical team and you for the great work.” – Almuth Arendt-Boeller, Berlin

“Thank you for your mail. It is the first time that I have received such detailed feedback on my donation from an organization to which I have donated. It’s wonderful!” – I.B., Munich

“Thank you so much for the link! Little Rafa already looked cute as a button before the operation, now he is a knockout. But it’s not just about the cosmetic result: He is sure to be able to eat better now and so forth. I am very happy for him and his parents. Thank you for being so committed to this work.” – Sabine Ozaktiv, Salzgitter

“Thank you very much for the wonderful pictures of the little Ankita Naiya and her mother. It is a very moving feeling to have made possible a more hopeful life for this little girl and her family. Thank you for sharing the pictures with me. Also, if it is possible, I ask you to send the best wishes to the family. Thanks to your team, to the team in India and to the doctors who put in work.” – Susanne Mayer, Pfronten

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Five good reasons to donate for cleft children
We dedicate ourselves to a single cause: Treating children with cleft lip and palate. In our project countries, we offer direct medical help for the needy patients and their families. Measurable in the number of surgeries offered.
Whereever the situation in our project countries allows, we fund additional necessary followup therapies beyond the surgeries, such as speech therapy or orthodontics.
Every treatment is documented by our doctors in the project countries in our patient database and verified by us. This way we know that the donations entrusted to us are used properly.
Our goal always is to build sustainable, independently functioning structures in our project countries. To achieve this, we build up long-term partnerships and keep in close touch with our local partners.
The German Central Institute for Social Matters (DZI) certifies that we use the donations entrusted to us responsibly and properly manner. We have held this certificate continuously since 2012.
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