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Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V.

Comprehensive aid for children with cleft lip and palate
Matias from Bolivia.
Help cleft children like Matias – gift a new smile to a child.
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About DCKH

Every year, some 250,000 children are born with a cleft lip and palate. Without treatment, cleft children suffer under their cleft for their entire life. Many die in the first year of their lives from neglect or hunger.

Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe (DCKH) has been working to help children with cleft lip and palate since 2002. In our project countries, many families cannot afford the care their children need. Therefore, we finance surgeries and other treatments these children need, giving them a chance at a better life. Our goal is to provide sustainable development aid. That’s why we always cooperate with local doctors to build structures to treat cleft in our partner countries.

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Your donation changes a child’s life!

In many countries, children with cleft lip and palate do not have access to safe, qualified treatment. They need our help. A life-changing operation costs only 300 euros. But any amount helps. Below are five examples of how you can support our work for cleft children. You can also freely enter any other amount of your choosing into our donation form. Thank you for your help!

Corona protection:  50 Euros for more safety for our patients and medical staff.

For our responsible use of our donors’ money we have been awarded the seal of approval of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI) . The seal is renewed yearly after an audit of our spending by the Berlin-based DZI.
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Global aid

Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe is present in Asia, South and Central America and Africa. In 2019 we were active in 12 countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Peru, Rwanda, Tanzania and Vietnam. In these countries, we financed operations and, to varying degrees, additional therapies. We are running a small speech therapy project in Xi’an (China). In Costa Rica we started funding a cleft project.

Projects in Cameroon, Uganda and the Philippines were completed. In Tajikistan and Burundi we had to pause our work and are planning to resume it as soon as it becomes possible.

The treatments we can offer in our project countries vary depending on what medical infrastructures exist and how far our project has developed. There are locations where we can only offer basic surgeries. In other countries, we can offer a full comprehensive cleft treatment with many types of followup therapies. Other projects lie in between.

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Location where basic surgeries are performed
Treatment centers with some interdisciplinary structures
Treatment centers with all relevant medical disciplines
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Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe in numbers
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A successful year: In 2019, our doctors performed 6,280 surgeries worldwide, 1,342 more than in 2018.
Asia, South America and East Africa: We help in 12 countries on three continents.
We have been working to aid poor children with cleft lip and palate since 2002.
Our network includes more than 250 local doctors, therapists and organizers worldwide.