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Help for cleft children in

Costa Rica
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Our work in Costa Rica

Since 2019 we have been funding a small project to help cleft children in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. We provide speech therapy to children and young adults after their surgeries, since cleft patients often have lingering problems with making certain sounds. The speech therapy fixes this, helping them in their daily lives.

In addition, the cleft families, who are often very stressed and scared by their child’s cleft diagnosis, receive psychological care and general support during the entire treatment, which can last until the patient is a young adult.

Our cooperation partner in providing help to cleft children in Costa Rica is the Canadian organization Transforming Faces. The dentist Dr. Martin Andreas, from Landau in Bavaria, maintains contact with the project for us on site, with the Asociación Pro Niño con Labio y / o Paladar hendido (Asociación LPH) as the sponsor. The patients come from the Hospital Nacional de Niños, where the surgeries are done.

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These twins were both born with cleft.
Dr. Martin Andreas on site in San José in 2019.
These young parents know that they and their child are in the best hands.
Cleft child Paula from Costa Rica receives speech therapy.